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Senior Local League Basketball Suspended [Piece from 'In the Zone' Issue 49]

Major changes for the YBL following the Prime Ministers announcement on Tuesday 22 September, as the country faces tougher restrictions affecting several thousand players across the country, including those due to play in the YBL this season.

It has been a difficult few months for everyone; the players, coaches, clubs, officials and league organisers. As everyone was preparing for a late start to the 2020/2021 season, in a very different way.

We were all on tender hooks, while the announcement was being made, but thanks to Sport England who put some of us at ease by Tweeting; 'All organised activities for children, including indoor team sports, will continue to be exempt from the rule of six...' Later confirmed that evening by the Gov.UK website confirming their statement.

Players under 18 are exempt and will continue. Not as good news for senior players of the game.

Basketball England were very quick in responding and reassuring that they were doing their best to get clarification about what was happening to the season. They had answers within 48 hours.

The YBL published a statement late last night on social media platforms; Instagram and YouTube, informing members and supporters of the YBL of the decisions we have made following the PM's announcement.

Basketball England have now confirmed what can take place. Junior competition and training for JNBL and local league; including the YBL can continue. However, at this stage any senior competitions can not take pace, except for elite level.

The YBL made the following statements;

Our U9 and U11 CVLs will currently remain in place and be reviewed in December following further guidance from Basketball England and Public Health England.
and outdoors) for under-18s.
The YBL will continue to offer the Under 13, 15 and 17 leagues as already published earlier this month.

Unfortunately, it is with regret that at this time; Men1, Men2, Women1 and Women2, our plans for the WDL, have been suspended. We will be taking advise from Basketball England and will review our plans for some sort of competition as soon as the guidelines allow us to. We will hopefully be able to sort some sort of competition in the new year. We will keep you up to date.

The YBL will contact senior clubs over the next few days with regards to payments already made to the us and arrange, if needed, a refund.

To make sure that we continue to run smoothly, we would like to reiterate that spectators are still not permitted at games when we resume, as per the Return to Play Roadmap set out by BE.




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