Forthcoming Games
Saturday 16 December 2017
T06 14:20 U13 North CoB Rockets v West Brom 
T07 10:00 U13 North Bournville Bears  v W.Wolves White 
T44 11:45 U13 East Coventry Tornadoes v Nuneaton Predators 
F36 10:45 U15 South Redditch Rockets v Spartans
F28 12:15 U15 South Bournville Bears v Frankley Falcons 
S21 10:00 U17 North Coventry Sky Blue v Coventry Tornadoes
S62 12:20 U17 South Bournville Bears v Frankley Falcons 
N15 11:30 U19 Men Yardley Defenders v WBA D-Squad 
Sunday 17 December 2017
S22 13:30 U17 North Walsall 99ers v CoB Rockets
S63 16:00 U17 South Spartans v Redditch Royals 
S64 13:00 U17 South Worcester Wolves v WBA D-Squad
Friday 22 December 2017  
S20 19:00 U17 North West Brom v Nuneaton Predators 
  Game Results  
  Updated 14:30 - Monday 11 December 2017  
  FS16 WMFS Trophy Bournville Bears U17 67 - 71 West Brom U17  
  F21 U17 South Redditch Rockets 45 - 67 Frankley Falcons   

Bad Weather hits West Midlands!
Games cancelled due to weather have been postponed on the website. The league are asking clubs to check each fixture page and rearrange games in accordance with league rules.