Forthcoming Games
Saturday 9 December 2017
F35 12:20 U15 South Bournville Bears v Spartans
F21 10:45 U15 South Redditch Rockets v Frankley Falcons 
F06 10:00 U15 North Coventry Sky Blue v Coventry Tornadoes
N15 11:30 U19 Men Yardley Defenders v WBA D-Squad 
F55 12:45 U15 North Warwickshire Hawks v West Brom
Sunday 10 December 2017
F16 12:00 U15 North WBA D-Squad v CoB Rockets
S02 10:30 U17 North Nuneaton Predators v Walsall 99ers
  Game Results  
  Updated 03:00 - Thursday 7 December 2017  
  S03 U17 North Yardley Defenders 48 - 66 Coventry Sky Blue  
  S18 U17 North Nuneaton Predators 36 - 60 Yardley Defenders   
  S60 U17 South Bournville Bears 41 - 36 Spartans  
  DM18 DevMen Walsall 99ers 54 - 46 West Brom   
  F33 U15 South Spartans 38 - 41 Redditch Rockets   
  F34 U15 South Frankley Falcons 92 - 51 Redditch Rockets   
  T04 U13 North Bournville Bears  60 - 45 West Brom   
  T25 U13 South Frankley Falcons  53 - 42 W.Wolves Blue   
  F33 U15 South Spartans 38 - 41 Redditch Rockets   

UCB Women Make 4 Teams!
The YBL are delighted to announce that UCB (University College Birmingham) have joined the WM/YBL Development Women’s League, starting their games from January 2018.  Making them the fourth team in this league.  Giving the existing teams an extra two games this season.  Which one will now make the Championships in May 2018?