Forthcoming Fixtures
Friday, 16 November 2018
U15 West F27 19:15   Walsall 99ers   v   WBA D-Squad
U15 West F28 18:30   West Brom Basketball   v   Leadonites Basketball
Saturday, 17 November 2018
U13 West T32 12:15   Bournville Bears   v   Spartans Basketball
U15 West F30 14:15   Bournville Bears   v   Spartans Basketball
U13 West T33 12:00   Shrewsbury Storm   v   Bromsgrove Bears
U13 East T121 09:30   Leicester Riders Red   v   CoB Rockets
U13 East T122 12:45   Coventry Tornadoes   v   JM Grizzlies
U13 East T123 14:30   Coventry Tornadoes II   v   Coventry Elite
U13 East T125 11:00   Warwickshire Hawks   v   Leicester Riders Black
U15 East F116 11:30   Yardley Defenders   v   Redditch Rapids
U15 East F117 16:15   Coventry Tornadoes   v   CoB Rockets
U15 West F29 12:15   Frankley Falcons   v   Worcester Bears
Sunday, 18 November 2018
U13 West T34 14:30   West Brom Basketball   v   Worcester Bears
DevMen D43 16:15   Trojans   v   Walsall 99ers D-Squad
PremWomen P28 17:15   Redditch Regals   v   Uni of Wolverhampton
Recent Results
U19 Men N13 20:15 Double Overtime Walsall 99ers 68 - 62 Coventry Elite
U13 West T27 14:45   West Brom Basketball 64 - 58 Worcester Wolves
U13 West T28 14:00   Spartans Basketball 45 - 49 Frankley Falcons
U13 West T29 18:00   Bromsgrove Bears 52 - 88 Bournville Bears
PremWomen P23 17:15   Redditch Regals 33 - 44 Shropshire Warriors
U15 East F114 11:30   Nuneaton Predators 105 - 46 Worcester Wolves
U15 West F26 16:00   Spartans Basketball 45 - 57 Frankley Falcons
U13 West T26 12:00   Shrewsbury Storm 82 - 46 Leadonites Basketball
U13 East T116 11:00   Warwickshire Hawks 82 - 21 Leicester Riders Red
U13 East T117 12:15   JM Grizzlies 35 - 66 Leicester Riders Black
U13 East T118 14:30   Coventry Elite 80 - 33 Coventry Tornadoes   
U13 East T120 09:30   Redditch Rookies 64 - 50 CoB Rockets
U15 East F111 11:15   Redditch Rapids 60 - 75 Coventry Sky Blues
U15 East F112 14:20   CoB Rockets 20 - 00 Yardley Defenders
U15 East F113 13:00   Warwickshire Hawks 59 - 41 Coventry Tornadoes
U15 West F22 13:15   Leadonites Basketball 123 - 34 Walsall 99ers
U15 West F25 14:00   Shrewsbury Storm 18 - 88 WBA D-Squad
U17 West S10 10:15   Frankley Falcons 74 - 60 West Brom Basketball
U17 West S11 15:15   Leadonites Basketball 58 - 66 Shropshire Warriors
U17 East S52 10:00   Coventry Sky Blues 00 - 20 Worcester Wolves
U19 Men N11 20:00   West Brom Basketball 77 - 72 Walsall 99ers
U19 Men N12 16:30   Coventry Elite 37 - 67 Frankley Falcons

Aviva Community Fund Application by the YBL

The Youth Basketball League (, has the key objective of

• Making basketball more accessible within the community and also to improve the overall standard of the game.

The league actively supports the growth of basketball within the 5 -18 age group across the Midlands.

The league that originated in the inner city, is now the largest and most effective youth basketball league within the region. 

To continue the growth and reach of the league, the next phase of the development is to promote the league further within the community including schools with the following key priorities:

1. To increase the participation of girls and women in the sport via specific promotional events all year
2. To develop the network of officials to facilitate games, both male and female of all ages
3. To develop new clubs and support existing clubs to have sustainable plans and skills to promote and develop young people to participate in the sport for the long term.

The YBL Principles are:-
i. The spirit of the game is to be upheld in a friendly manner by all involved 
ii. We encourage competitive games with sportsmanlike behaviour 
iii. We expect all involved to promote the game you love and the YBL in a respectful and positive attitude 
iv. Have fun!

We are the only organisation providing the structures to enable this sport to grow within the region. It is critical that we continue our growth and support to the community for the development of our young people.